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Exercises are vital in assisting the correction of problems and maintaining correct posture, which is an important part of effective and efficient body mechanics.

Our aim is to help patients help themselves. They have an important part to play in their own recovery, in maintaining their improvement and preventing further injury. Exercise and understanding the condition are invaluable.

If your condition is not improving as it should, we will refer you to the appropriate doctor, specialist or services to ensure you receive the best outcome.

Neck and Headaches

Tension and dysfunction in the structures of your neck can cause neck pain & restriction of neck movement. It can also refer pain into your hands, arms, shoulders, back, face, head or jaw.

  • Headaches due to neck tension and dysfunction

  • Postural syndromes-weakness of stabilising muscles

  • Breathing education

  • Muscle imbalance syndromes

  • General muscle tension (acute and chronic)

  • Pinched nerves/nerve irritations

  • Joint aches and stiffness

  • Disc strains

  • Sinusitis

  • Jaw dysfunction (TMJ)

  • Whiplash

  • Osteoarthritis


The shoulder joint has more range of movement than any other joint in the body, making it a wonderful attachment for the arm/hand. It is commonly injured and can cause pain at night, on movement or, if severe, constant pain.

  • Rotator Cuff/Tendon strains

  • Impingement syndromes

  • Frozen Shoulders

  • Acromioclavicular Sprains

  • Muscle imbalance and postural syndromes

  • Neural tension disorders

  • Shoulder instability

  • Restriction in Shoulder motion

  • Shoulder strengthening and conditioning

  • Post surgical and fracture rehabilitation

  • Dislocation

Elbow Joint

The elbow joint plays a large part in our daily working and recreational lives. There are numerous tendons close to the elbow which are often subjected to stress and strain, leading to common injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow. The elbow is also a site of referred pain from the neck. Pain commonly arises from work station stresses.

  • Ligament and tendon strains

  • Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

  • Overuse work injuries

  • Post surgical and fracture rehabilitation

  • Nerve tension and irritation

  • Arthritis

Lower Back

The lower back is subject to a range of conditions and injuries including simple soft tissue sprains, overuse problems, arthritis, stress fractures of the vertebrae and intervertebral disc bulges or ruptures all of which may cause back pain and/or referred symptoms to the lower limbs.

  • Muscle strains and tension

  • Ligament strains

  • Disc bulges and strains

  • Nerve compression and tension / Sciatica

  • Postural abnormalities

  • Weakness of deep stabilising muscles

  • General stiffness

  • Muscle imbalance syndromes

  • Post surgical recovery

  • Arthritis


The rigorous demands of daily life expose the knee to heavy compression, twisting and strain. Injuries can result from wear and tear, weakness of stabilising muscles and sudden stress and strain. The ligaments, cartilage and tendons are all commonly injured in sporting life. It is advisable to get an early assessment to ensure the knee does not stiffen and weaken after injury.

  • Ligament strains – MCL/LCL/ACL/PCL

  • Cartilage tears – Meniscal strains and tears

  • Patellofemoral syndrome – Altered kneecap biomechanics

  • Muscle imbalance problems

  • Muscle strains and haematomas

  • Post surgical and fracture rehabilitation

  • General flexibility and muscle conditioning

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Bursitis

Ankle and Foot

The foot and ankle provide stability and mobility, acting as both shock absorbers and transmitters of force to enable movement. Poor joint mobility and lack of control of movement can contribute to injuries such as ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

  • Sprained ankles

  • Ligament and muscle strains

  • Ankle instability/weakness

  • Abnormal foot biomechanics

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Shin aches and overuse syndromes

  • Achilles tendon and calf strains

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Plantar spurs

  • Post fracture rehabilitation

  • Post surgical rehabilition

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